Gypsy, Tippy and Samurai

Jillian and her husband Nicholas are animal lovers with a full house of rescues. They currently have three cats (Gypsy, Tippy, and Samurai) and two dogs (Fluffy and Lily) Nicholas … Read More

Delilah the Sphynx

Huge thanks to Duchess Drizella Devereaux for sharing these pictures and videos of her adorable Sphinx named Delilah. These videos are amazing and I really love how these pictures turned … Read More


Davies and Newhook are two cute cats that we’ve been following on Instagram. We really like their videos, so we decided to put together a feature to showcase some of … Read More

Willow River Siamese

Haeen from Willow River Siamese sent us some photos of a modification she made to a 16″ hammock from our Cat Mod line. We love these photos of her adorable … Read More