Kimberly’s cat haven

This is one of our favorite customer designs we’ve had sent in. Wow. Kimberly has transformed her living room into a gamer’s dream come true, and it’s absolutely amazing. This layout is so intricate and the photos turned out really nice. Thank you so much for sharing, Kimberly! Share this Post Featured Furniture:


Huge thanks to Melissa for sharing these adorable photos of her adorable 6 month old Cornish Rex named Monroe. She’s so cute!!! thanks Melissa! Featured Furniture: I was so happy to see that Melissa had a video of Monroe on her furniture. Really nice video. I love that tube thing she has on the wall. We definitely need something like … Read More

Alaska, Piper and Isabelle

Emilie was so nice to send us these photos of her 3 cats on their new furniture. These cats are so cute! Our favorite part of the day is when people share stuff like this. I love to see they’re enjoying the stuff. Thanks! Featured furniture: Share this Post

Indiana Jones the Siberian

Indiana Jones is one of the cutest cat’s in the world. I also really really like the photos taken of him. This is an Instagram account that we follow and highly suggest following his Instagram account if you’re on there. Check him out at: @IndianaJonesTheSiberian Share this Post Featured Furniture:

Le Loft Des Chats

Le Loft Des Chats is a loft that you can take your cat to if you’re going to be away for a bit. It’s in France and this space is a really really sharp. I absolutely love this layout. Share this Post Featured Furniture: We highly suggest checking out Le Loft Des Chats if you live in France or are … Read More