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Cat Hammocks

Cat hammock examples

Our cat hammocks are functional fabric walkways that cats can also lounge and relax on. They are designed to create a flexible, yet sturdy surface for your cat to traverse across or rest on high on the wall. The thick heavy-weight canvas fabric works really well to create an elevated walkway that your cat can sink their paws into and have enough traction to confidently run and play around. The fabric also stretches slightly to form to your cats’ body and function as a comfortable cat bed.

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Introducing our 3rd Generation of wall hammocks!

This new collection of wall hammocks has been meticulously engineered to be the strongest, most versatile collection we’ve ever created. This collection has also a thinner, sleek design, along with many functional upgrades.

Design and Functionality

We have a variety of cat hammock layouts, from our standard single sections to larger and more intricate designs like our wall-mounted cat condos. The modular cat hammock fabric is made with mounting points every 8” to give you more flexibility on where they’re connected on the wall and to accommodate both 16 and 24-inch spaced studs, the two most common stud spacing found in homes. The hammocks are held securely to the wall with mounting planks made from sustainably grown bamboo. Each plank has a bracket that allows you to attach various cat furniture options of not only cat hammocks but also attachments like feeders, planters, scratching posts or cat shelves. 

weight tests

If you’re installing multiple pieces of cat furniture on the wall together, please check out our blog on mounting tips. We offer suggestions as far the best rooms to install your cat jungle gym, along with things to keep in mind when your mounting, like proper spacing, creating beginner and expert routes.

  • Our cat furniture is made from solid sustainable bamboo and has been weight tested to hold 85 lbs (38 kg). Depending on the length of the cat hammock, they can hold 65 – 85 lbs (29.4 – 38 kg) per hammock.
  • Our modular design allows you to mount any of the layouts shown in a mirrored fashion to how they’re pictured in the listing. You can also relocate any Cat Feeder or Planter to a location that better suits your cat.  
  • Our patented hidden bracket design gives the cat furniture a floating look and also allows you to remove/wash/ or replace fabric sections over time.

Behavior and Enrichment

Kitten playing on cat hammock

We work with numerous behaviorists to help us understand what to build and what the cat furniture will persuade cats to do. Giving your cat their own unique space on the wall promotes exercise and also provides them with thought provoking enrichment. To learn more about the importance of feline enrichment, check out our blog.

  • In 2018, a study by Pet Obesity Prevention showed that 59.5% of the cats in the US were overweight.
  • Without enrichment, cats can develop behavioral issues like aggression, anxiety, attention-seeking, urinating or defecating outside of the litter box, eating disorders, or other disorders like over-grooming or scratching.

Installation made easy

Our furniture is designed to be installed with little or no prior experience.

We’ve compiled a huge amount of resources to help make installing your cat climbing wall a breeze. Let us walk you through the entire process with our Installation guide. Or learn about building an epic cat wall with our latest design tips.

Watch the video below to see the tools you will need to install your wall mounted cat hammocks.

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