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Cat Condos

cats playing on cat condoss
Cat Condos work well for creating a safe space for your cat to play and rest. We have options available for cats of all ages and sizes. The structures range in size, with the largest condos being designed to accommodate multi-cat households. For these, we pay special attention to the number of routes along the condos to limit cats being cornered by another cat.

Our cat trees are great for people who aren’t able to install cat furniture on their walls, and they’ve been designed to be easily assembled in minutes

Wall-mounted Cat Condos are great for creating an open area for your cats without taking up precious floor space. They’re designed to incorporate multiple components like scratching postscat hammocks, and cat shelves.

Since every cat (and wall) is different, the furniture’s modular design allows you to make changes to best suit your cat’s needs. If you’re interested in tips on creating a custom layout for your space, please have a look at our design tips blog.

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Design and Functionality

We design these layouts by mounting different combinations of cat furniture and seeing how our cats like them. We only move forward with the layouts they like. Early on, we figured out that our cats typically take the most convenient path up to the top of the cat furniture. In order to promote feline exercise, we keep this in mind by creating more complex routes up and down the cat condos. To learn more about cat wall furniture and some of the benefits, please check out our “Why Cat Walls?” blog. 

cat eating on cat condo
  • Our cat furniture is made from solid sustainable bamboo and has been weight tested to hold 85 pounds (38 kg). Depending on the length of the hammock, they can hold 65 – 85 pounds (29.4 – 38 kg) per hammock.
  • Our modular design allows you to mount any of the layouts shown in a mirrored fashion to how they’re pictured in the listing. You can also relocate any Cat Feeder or Planter to a location that better suits your cat.  
  • We have a wide variety of cat condos, from smaller structures for 1-2 cat homes to much larger layouts that accommodate 5-6 cats at once. 
  • Our patented hidden bracket design gives the cat furniture a floating look.

Behavior and Enrichment

We work with numerous feline behaviorists that help us understand what to build and how certain aspects effect the cat using it. Providing your cat with their own unique space on the wall helps promote exercise and allows them to have a space that’s all theirs, out of reach from perceived dangers. It create a relaxing place for your cat to eat, scratch, lounge or play. To learn more about the importance of feline enrichment, please check out our blog. Learn more.

  • Indoor cats are typically under stimulated. Without having proper exercise has led to heavier and heavier cats. In 2018, a study by Pet Obesity Prevention showed that 59.5% of the cats in the US were overweight.
  • Without enrichment, cats can develop behavioral issues like aggression, anxiety, attention-seeking, urinating or defecating outside of the litter box, eating disorders, or other disorders like over-grooming or scratching.

To learn more about cat wall furniture and some of the benefits, please check out our “Why Cat Walls?” blog.

Installation made easy

Our furniture is designed to be installed with little or no prior experience.

We’ve compiled a huge amount of resources to help make installing your cat climbing wall a breeze. Let us walk you through the entire process with our Installation Guide. Or learn useful tips to allow you to build a custom cat condo of your own with our blog on design tips.

Watch the video to see the tools you will need to install your wall mounted cat condos.

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