The “whoever you hate” cat toy

cat attacking doll

This was one of our first cat toys. We made it right after we started the Etsy shop and were still making the stuff from our apartment. We bought blank dolls and then Megan and her mom sewed the clothes for them.

At the time we were barely even furniture makers, and not at all to mention toy builders, so after the time to sew on clothes and a plastic face, and then hot glue on hair, we were selling a very bad looking product for $10 and only making like $3 an hour.

In the listing, we asked customers to cut around the face of somebody they didn't like and that whoever they picked needed to have done something bad enough to get attacked by a cat 20 times their size; it couldn’t be just somebody they disliked.

We still think this could be a nice product if it was made a little better/ more cheaply. But we stopped making them not only because they didn't make any sense financially, but also because we didn’t want to come off as jerks, so since then, we’ve shifted our ideas to less mean-spirited things.

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