Mounting The Cat Mod Roman

For this complex you will need four studs spaced out at 16″ from center to center. Start by marking the center of each of the four studs you’re using. Since this complex is rather tall, we suggestion marking multiple areas on each stud up the wall. Mount a separated plank centered on the second stud from the right. We suggest … Read More

drywall with wooden studs

16” stud spacing – If you have 16″ stud spacing then any of our furniture will work fine for your walls. It’s still a good idea to use a stud finder to see where the studs are located in the space you want to build. This will give you more information to help in deciding the best structure for your … Read More

Mounting Instructions

Most of our instructions are made assuming you have the standard 16″ spaced studs, since that is the most common spacing. If your studs are spaced differently we have our Cat Mod collection for both 16″ and 24″ spaced studs. To learn more about wall studs, please click here. Shelves & Beds Fabric Raceways Cat Bridges First Generation Complexes The … Read More

Mounting into concrete or brick walls

Concrete or brick is nice because you have a lot of freedom to mount wherever you would like. If you’re mounting into brick be sure to drill your holes into brick and not the mortar between the bricks. That will give a much more solid hold. You will need a masonry bit and for screws, we suggest using Tapcon. Here’s … Read More