Creating a Peaceful Cat/Dog Household

Part One: Management Are you looking to add a canine to your already-feline-occupied household, or vice versa? Many of us enjoy the company of both species, but when integrating the … Read More

Terms & Conditions

Welcome to Catastrophic Creations. Catastrophic Creations provides this Website and Services (located at to you subject to the notices, terms, and conditions set forth in these terms (the “Terms … Read More

Gypsy, Tippy and Samurai

Jillian and her husband Nicholas are animal lovers with a full house of rescues. They currently have three cats (Gypsy, Tippy, and Samurai) and two dogs (Fluffy and Lily) Nicholas … Read More

Feline Facial Expressions and Emotions

sleepy green eyed calico cat

Anyone who has shared a home with a cat has witnessed something not fully appreciated by science until recently: the facial expressions of cats. Cats are capable of forming strong … Read More

Mario Complex Mounting Instructions

It’s important to read watch our videos on basic mounting instructions before continuing on. They will help you determine what tools you will need and also about how to mount … Read More

Choosing a Training Path

As we learn more about cats, we are starting to appreciate how truly intelligent they  are. They—and their larger feline relatives—are able to solve complex puzzles, learn through observation of … Read More

Cats & Anxiety

Bronson cat sitting on comfy cushion

Cats experience anxiety for the same reasons that humans do; they anticipate danger or feel fear. Although it may seem that your cat is anxious or afraid for no reason, … Read More

Heaven Can Wait

Heaven Can Wait Animal Haven is a 501(c)3 non profit organization. They’re 100% foster based and do not have a shelter facility. They do hold adoption events every weekend at … Read More

Drywall Repair Tips

Bring your drywall back to new Over the years, we’ve heard feedback from some people who are concerned they may damage their walls after installing our furniture. We recently updated … Read More

Healthy weight loss for cats

Keeping your cat at a healthy weight is really important, not only for their health, but also their quality of life. Obesity comes with a lot of limitations, like making … Read More