How to Socialize Your Cat

kitten walking

Socializing your cat Socialization is the accumulation of good experiences that help build a cat who feels confident and at ease in the world they live. The process starts when … Read More

DIY – The Stairway Safety Net

tools needed for safety net

Cat-Proofing your Stairs This is an idea to help keep your cats safe and reduce the risk of injury for homes with stairs. I recently moved and my new place … Read More

Treating Common Cat Behavior Issues

cat s with bad attitudes

Cats bring with them a unique set of behaviors to any household. While most behavior issues will be an expression of your cat’s natural instincts, always start with ruling out … Read More

Best cat toys of 2021

Cat Toy examples

Staying active is an important part of your cat’s physical and mental health. Oftentimes indoor cats live lives that are understimulated with days full of sleeping and lounging around the … Read More