The Best Cat Christmas Gifts of 2023

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‘Tis the season for merriment and joy! This year, spread cheer to your feline family members by expanding their vertical territory! From stocking stuffers to the ultimate wall-mounted cat condo, you’re sure to find something for even the pickiest of kittens! And let’s be honest, does it really matter if they were naughty or nice?

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First Thing’s First - Should I get my cat a Christmas present?

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The short answer is, “Yes!” It doesn’t need to be a festive pretend squirrel, but luckily we have some better ideas.

All the extra activities that come along with the season can be very stressful for your cat. Help keep their minds and bodies occupied by giving them a safe outlet for any anxiety that may manifest. Scratching poles can help save your furniture, while wall-mounted cat playgrounds can give your cat a safe space to watch the festivities.

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Cat Christmas Gifts Under $50

This one is always a fan favorite! The floating post allows you to create additional paths up your wall and can double as a scratching/lounging surface for the agile cat. Since its creation in 2015, this has remained one of our most popular items in the shop. One post costs $35 or you can purchase a set of three for $95.

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This is the purrfect combination for the cat that can’t get enough of that ‘nip! Our bundle includes a potent Catnip Spray, some Silvervine sticks to gnaw, and Catnip Buds to break apart, chew and roll around in. The three types will run you $29, or you can click on your favorite form of catnip and purchase them individually.

🎄 10% off Dec. 8-15


Cats love to nap with a good vantage point. It helps them feel safe and secure-and probably a little smug to be looking down on you! The Cat Wall Hammock is a great way to give them a little oasis above the household chaos this holiday season. The fabric is pre-cut, hemmed, removable and washable. This model starts at $45 and has a total width of 18”. Need a bigger size? Check out our 26” or 34” variations!


Christmas Cat Gifts for Cats Who Love to Climb

This is one of our ultimate adventure packs! Featuring a 50” roped cat bridge, vertical sisal scratching pole, hammocks for lounging, and a planter shelf (plants not included). Your cat will have a blast exploring this layout’s fun, unique, and functional design! This wall mounted cat condo starts at $429.


This is a great play structure for walls with limited horizontal space. We’ve found this layout works best for one to three cats. A cat can enter the Condo using the ramp at the bottom and climb up through the escape hatch, or climb down from above using the hammocks. The scratching pole gives your cat a healthy outlet for climbing and scratching. Any way your cat chooses to explore the Condo will be thought-provoking and stimulating! The Deluxe Fort starts at $299.


This cat hammock is meant to be mounted high on the wall to provide your cat with a tall vantage point to look over their kingdom. Cats love to be up high, but for them to get the best spot in the house, they first need to exert some energy and get some much-needed exercise by climbing up the scratching pole or hopping up the attached platforms. We really like this structure because it’s pretty much an indoor tree that takes up very little horizontal space on the wall.

Choose between three different heights and three different hammock lengths to best fit your wall space. The base model starts at $199

Christmas Cat Gifts for Cats Who Love to Scratch

This condo incorporates our scratching pole leaf shelves! Our leaf shelves provide more than one route throughout the structure which is especially beneficial for homes with multiple cats. The Catacombs include four hammocks which allow your felines to rest or play simultaneously. This cat tree starts at $329


Whether you have an energetic feline companion or one who prefers naps and could use some additional exercise, The Crossroads has it all. It’s a cat tree for large cats that also work really well with kittens. Our innovative scratching pole design allows you to attach poles to the mounting planks at multiple positions from the wall, which creates fun routes around the scratching wall. Our new Angled Cat Scratcher creates an inclined cat scratcher which doubles as a cat ramp up the wall. This angled position makes an easy path up the wall, which is perfect for larger cats or cats who are new to climbing. This structure starts at $369.


Scratching is a natural behavior for cats and important to cat health. A Sisal Pole is the perfect solution for a cat’s scratching and climbing needs and now you can add additional mobility with our Sisal Pole Leaf Shelves! These Leaf Shelves offer extra options for creating paths up and down the pole for your cat and can be rotated to create a new and enticing pathway!

Cat Gifts for Christmas for Large Cats

Really looking to spoil your cat? The Juggernaut has it all! This luxury cat tree is a compilation of almost every wall-mounted cat furniture concept we offer! It includes multiple hammocks, a scratching pole, floating cat scratching posts, planter shelves, a bridge connecting both sides together and more (plants not included). You’ll have a blast watching your kitty learn how to navigate their new jungle gym. This model starts at $589.


Rather not install into your walls? The Overlook is our largest floor standing cat tree. To promote exercise and play, we’ve spaced the hammocks out to create a gap on either side, which can be used to play with your cat using toys or entice cats to paw at each other from the different levels. 

The bamboo panels have cut-out triangles that can be used to expand your cat’s view and work really well for playtime. They give cats a chance to practice their hunting skills with their favorite cat wand by hiding behind the panels and then popping out for a surprise attack through the window.  This cat tree starts at $349.

🎄 $70 off Dec. 8-15

🎄 Grotto Cat Tree $40 off Dec. 8-15

The Dakota is a great option if you are looking for a compact condo that will create plenty of vertical fun for your cats! This layout will stimulate your cat’s natural senses. The scratching pole provides a healthy outlet for scratching and encourages climbing. The large escape hatch and fabric hammocks create a fun maze for your cats to explore while also giving them options for cozy relaxing and lounging. This wall complex is priced at $289.

Christmas Gifts for Cat Lovers

Keep the chill at bay with this Bronson Hoodie! We teamed up with one of our favorite artists, Ferhat Edizkan. He is known for his incredibly detailed, miniature illustrations using mostly ink or pencil. He did a total of six different pictures of Bronson, but we picked this one because Bronson looks so savage in it. Available in white or charcoal grey and priced at $45.

Enjoy your morning coffee with Bronson! These Bronson mugs come in a gift box as a set of two. The first mug (all black with a white print of Bronson’s paw) is extra-large, holding 591 ml (20oz), and has a matte exterior with a glossy finish on the inside. The second mug in this set (all white with a black print of Bronson’s daily stretch) is also larger than your typical mug, holding 450 ml (15oz), and has an all glossy finish. At $37, this set is the perfect gift for a Bronson lover!

Still not sure what the cat lover in your life would like? Let them decide what fits best in their home with the Cat Lover Gift Card! Be sure to include the recipient’s name, your name and any personalized message in the order notes.

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The Best Cat Christmas Gifts of 2023

‘Tis the season for merriment and joy! This year, spread cheer to your feline family members by expanding their vertical territory! From stocking stuffers to the ultimate wall-mounted cat condo,

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