Fabric Cat Maze


  • Spacious lounging
  • Mentally stimulating design
  • Extremely sturdy; each hammock tested to hold 62 lbs and each wood piece tested to hold 85 lbs
  • Perfect for those with multiple and/or larger felines
  • Mounting Instructions

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This is our first generation Cat Maze. If you would like to see the Cat Mod Maze, which is our second generation Maze that includes our new removable fabric, hidden brackets, and Cat Mod attachment options, please follow this link.

Our cats absolutely love our Maze because of its three large canvas hammocks that they can lounge on.  There’s plenty of room to play around on, as well as napping space for everyone.  There is also a large, sisal-lined escape hatch for cats to chase each other through. We often find our cats playfully batting at each other while they are sitting on different levels of the Maze; see below for a video of them playing on it.

This piece is very spacious and is great for cats with territorial issues. Its design encourages thought and problem-solving as cats navigate their way to the top. Cats with confidence issues can rest easy when they lounge on the top hammock.

This piece is mounted among four studs, spaced 16″ apart. We use solid wood for the shelving and mounting posts, and thick heavy-weight canvas for the hammocks. The brackets will come detached and all of our furniture also comes with screws.

Dimensions: Total width: 52″  Total height: 31″  Depth: 11″
The hole in the Escape Hatch is 7.75” in diameter

Pictured is a Maze with Onyx stained wood and Charcoal Gray fabric.


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