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The Grotto Cat Tree

$150.00 $135.00

  • Designed to promote activity & natural behaviors
  • Three resting spaces, each with its own level of privacy
  • Everything is fully removable and washable
  • Quick, easy assembly in minutes!

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The Grotto Cat Tree

$150.00 $135.00

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  • Designed to promote activity & natural behaviors
  • Three resting spaces, each with its own level of privacy
  • Everything is fully removable and washable
  • Quick, easy assembly in minutes!

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10% off all pre-orders until 11/20.*  Cat trees ship 12/6/21.

This option has been designed to accommodate both small and large cats.  Since cats can have very different personalities and privacy preferences, we designed these to offer a wide variety of spaces, each with a different level of seclusion. 

Although this is a smaller design, the cat tree’s packed with a lot of elements to provide your cat(s) with a place to sleep, scratch, hunt, and play. 

We’ve learned a lot about creating cat furniture with a high level of usability during the last eight years we’ve been making wall-mounted cat furniture, and it’s all on display in our first line of floor-standing cat trees. We tested the designs for three months across three different households to see which design elements needed to be adjusted to work well for kittens, adult cats, and senior cats.

To promote exercise and play, we’ve spaced the hammocks out to create a gap on either side, which can be used to play with your cat using toys or entice cats to paw at each other from the different levels. 

The bamboo panels have cut-out triangles that can be used to expand your cat’s view and work really well for playtime. They give cats a chance to practice their hunting skills with their favorite cat wand by hiding behind the panels and then popping out for a surprise attack through the window.

Lower level – This level is the easiest to access and works great for kittens because the extra-large 12in (30cm) x 20in (50cm) hammock is suspended just above the ground. This is great for small cats or for cats that are more on the timid side. It’s the preferred space for my largest cat, Bronson. It’s made up of canvas hammocks stretched around the metal poles to create a private cubby. It also has a cutout triangle to expand your cat’s view or to hunt and play through.

Middle level – This level can be accessed with a small 12in (30cm) jump. On this level, although it’s similar to the bottom level as an enclosed cubby, your cat can paw between the gaps above and below them. So there’s a little less privacy, but for a feisty cat or kitten, it can be a very enticing space to play.

Top level – The top of the structure is made up of an extra-large 12in (30cm) x 20in (50cm) heavyweight canvas hammock, with ledges that cats can lean against, but are low enough to allow them to observe their surroundings from any direction. It sits at a low 21in (53cm), which allows almost any cat to jump up and down from all sides. 

The modern design is made using solid stainable bamboo, metal poles, heavyweight canvas, 2 sisal mats, and high-end plush faux fur. Each piece of the cat tree is fully removable, washable, and replaceable. Our goal was to create the last cat tree you will ever need to buy.

*Coupon codes can not be applied to pre-orders for additional discounts.

Expand your cat's habitat

Safe Space

Our furniture allows cats to have their own territory that is up high enough for them to feel secure, far out of reach of any perceived danger.

Climbing Outlet

Cats have an instinctual need to climb and scratch. Provide your cat with a positive outlet for these instincts with our sisal-lined poles and posts.

Behavioral Solution

Wall-mounted cat furniture can help resolve behavioral and territorial issues in homes with multiple cats by giving them vertical space.

Improved Design

Meticulously Engineered

Our new generation of wall hammocks is the strongest, most versatile collection we’ve ever created. Every detail of the product is fine-tuned, adding an additional bottom mounting point for increased stability, as well as sanding the furniture tops with a rough finish for increased traction and leaving the sides and bottoms sanded fine for a clean, finished look.

Sustainable Material

Our new design utilizes bamboo, a sustainable alternative to hardwood, which is very durable and water-resistant. It grows at an incredible rate of 3½ feet per day.

Stronger Design

Bamboo is an incredibly strong material, allowing a thinner, sleek design. It’s allowed for a lot of the functional upgrades. Along with our hidden bracket, there’s now an additional mounting point underneath the shelf, which holds the furniture rock solid to the wall.  

Highly Customizable

Our modular design allows for truly limitless options, allowing you to start off small and build on over time. Each mounted top can be easily removed and replaced with shelves, feeders, planters and sisal poles, mounted to face either left or right. You can now adjust the height of your sisal pole, with our new segmented design.

Simplified Instructions

We’ve spent a lot of time refining our instructions to make them easy to follow. We not only show the step by step actions of the furniture being installed, we’ve also added video instructions for the people who would rather watch it in that format. Our canvas fabric now comes in finished sections, allowing for a quicker installation. If you run into any issues along the way, we would love to answer any questions either over email or telephone.

Cat Tested and Approved

When we initially come up with an idea we build the prototype and mount the rough version of the idea furniture in our home letting our 4 cats help us work out what’s working and what doesn’t. Our facility has just built out a cat room where we’re expanding the process even further by inviting employees to bring in their cats to get additional feedback. The furniture has been evolving over the last 5 years, and we feel very optimistic from the feedback we’re getting back from the furniture’s evolution.

The Grotto Cat Tree Reviews

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