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Kate Wilson - BS, CBCC, CPDT

Kate works as the director of training at K9 Turbo Training and also as the lead trainer at The Creature Conservancy. Her focus is using and teaching training that is ethical, kind, and mutually beneficial to animals. The training teams she builds work with current research, technical skills, and use teamwork with other trainers, veterinarians and animal care professionals.

With a lifelong passion for science, animal behavior, and learning she writes and speaks on the topic of animal behavior. Over the years she has worked with many species including cats, chickens, cougars, dogs, coyotes, lynxes, alligators, sloths, monitors, warthogs, kangaroos, owls, eagle, macaws, horses, mini donkeys, porcupines, people and many more. She currently shares a little house with adopted dogs, her husband Francisco and a wonderful adopted Macaw.

Kate’s Certificates

  • Certified Behavior Consultant

  • Certified Professional Dog Trainer

  • Bachelors of Science - Applied Animal Behavior and Neurobiology

Kate’s Articles

Kate's articles

Treating Common Cat Behavior Issues

Cats bring with them a unique set of behaviors to any household. While most behavior issues will be an expression of your cat’s natural instincts, always start with ruling out ... Read More

Declawing cats – Side Effects & Alternatives

For all the amazing qualities cats bring into your home, one that can erode the human-feline bond is destructive scratching. Scratching of the house or furniture can account for around ... Read More

Feline Facial Expressions and Emotions

Anyone who has shared a home with a cat has witnessed something not fully appreciated by science until recently: the facial expressions of cats. Cats are capable of forming strong ... Read More

Choosing a Training Path

As we learn more about cats, we are starting to appreciate how truly intelligent they  are. They—and their larger feline relatives—are able to solve complex puzzles, learn through observation of ... Read More

Cats & Anxiety

Cats experience anxiety for the same reasons that humans do; they anticipate danger or feel fear. Although it may seem that your cat is anxious or afraid for no reason, ... Read More

Feline Enrichment

What is Feline Enrichment? Cats are complex creatures, and thrive in environments that best replicate wild behaviors. For our domesticated cats this means enhancing their quality of life by providing ... Read More

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