The PacMan Cat Complex


  • Massive all-in-one cat complex
  • Keep your cats from scratching your furniture by giving them some of their own
  • Physically and mentally challenge your feline friend
  • Sturdy, tested to hold 62 lbs per hammock, and 85 lbs per wooden piece
  • Beautiful, large, and sleek design

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The PacMan Complex is the largest complex we’ve made to date.  It comes with wall vinyl decals to place around the complex. For the PacMan Complex, we combine 8″ x 18″ Vertical Sisal Poles and 2″ x 15″ vertical poles.

We use a caramel-colored sisal for this complex. We can also do natural-colored sisal rope if you request in the comments section at checkout. Having the hammocks attached to the bottom of the sisal poles allow cats to stretch and claw the poles from the bottom.

– Standard Dimensions –
Total Width: 82″ Total Height: 92″ Depth: 11″

This piece is mounted among five studs, spaced 16″ apart and comes with Onyx stained wood, Black canvas, and Black burlap fabric. All of the brackets come attached for easy installation. All of our furniture also comes with screws and drywall anchors.

*Please note: This is a very difficult piece to mount. It took Mike about 4 hours to mount alone. You are definitely going to need an extra person to help you with holding the shelves while you mount the pole. Also, it helps to have a tape measure/ruler to help space the shelves properly.

**Free Shipping to the Contiguous US

The dye lot for our fabrics can change from time-to-time, as it can with any fabric manufacturers. This isn’t something that we can control.

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