Cat Bridge Layout Ideas

photo collage of cat bridges installed

Many of our customers want to install one of our Cat Bridges in their homes, but have a hard time picturing where to put them. Here are some ideas; there are photos from customers who’ve bought bridges, including custom bridges we’ve built for them, as well as some diagrams detailing possible bridge customizations.

Our favorite place to mount a bridge is in an open doorway. Our cats try and tap us on the head as we walk by in hopes of provoking some head-petting.


Ickle’s first trip across

This particular bridge was the very first piece we ever made. Within weeks of getting our cat Ickle we made him this bridge, and after receiving positive feedback online, we decided to open our shop. Since it was our first stab at it, the bridge in this video is primitive compared to the ones we make now; we’ve had hundreds to practice on since we made it!

Design examples

Here are a few different examples of how our bridges can be customized. Each bridge is made to order to fit your space. We can make almost any idea you through at us; these examples are just the beginning.

These are diagrams we’ve done for customers in the past, so please ignore the measurements.

to Get started

Email us photos of where in your home you are thinking about putting a bridge, and we’ll get back to you with some ideas of what might work for the space. Or, if you already have ideas, you’re welcome to send us a sketch of what you’re thinking along with photos of the space!

10 Comments on “Cat Bridge Layout Ideas”

  1. I am gonna quote this inside my research article. Thanks for your time. This is magnificent.

  2. If we send in pictures of our space can you recommend what we should get? I have a particular area that I would like to have something like this installed so my cats can reach a ledge in their bedroom. I would eventually like trails and bridges all over my house but want to start with their room first.

  3. In the window treatment design (living room with the airplane picture) is the sisal pole attached to the bridge platform? I just love that idea!

    1. All our products include detailed instructions and are designed to be installed by a layperson. We are always willing to help if you run into any installation issues. If you are interested in a specific item, we’d be happy to help in describing the installation process. You can also view the mounting instructions for each product. A link is listed in the bullet points to the right of the primary listing photo.

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