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First assess what your walls are made of. Our furniture is designed to be installed into wall studs or into concrete.

Most of our instructions are made assuming you have the standard 16″ spaced studs, since that is the most common spacing. If your studs are spaced differently we have our Cat Mod collection for both 16″ and 24″ spaced studs.

To learn more about wall studs, please click here.

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Product Mounting Instructions

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    1. Hi Deborah. As long as everything is mounted according to the instructions then removing the items should not be too difficult. For larger/bulkier items like the sisal pole, you may want to enlist a friend to help.

    1. Hi Jennifer. The fabric will come to you uncut. With the Cat Mod Lounge, no cutting is necessary since we will send you a single fabric section in the length you’ve chosen when ordering. E.g: If you order a 16″ Cat Mod Lounge then you will receive a 16″ section of fabric. We currently have something in the works for accommodating pre-cut fabric requests but we also like to give customers the freedom to get creative if they don’t want to follow the original template and this way they can cut the fabric to their liking.

        1. All of our furniture is modular and will come to you disassembled so that you can either install according to the template or you can create your own setup!

  1. Hi, luv the concept!! We have a fully enclosed outdoor welded wire cat enclosure made of Retriever Lodge Kennel panels (google to see pictures). Can your creations be adapted to be secured to the wire panels rather than solid walls? I can’t see a picture of the back side of the creations to get an idea. Thanks, Dana

    1. Hi Benjamin. We actually don’t recommend using bolts/anchors as primary support. In our experience, even the most heavy-duty anchors will pull out of the wall. If you don’t have studs at 16″ apart or if you have a different wall-type, please feel free to reach out to our support staff who can help you figure out how to install the furniture. [email protected]

  2. It said this Bridge could be mounted between 2 pieces of furniture, but I don’t see directions showing that. I need this bridge to go between a tall cat tree and a set of chest of drawers in a bedroom. .

    1. Hi Doreen! Our furniture will connect to other pieces of our furniture. So, the Catastrophic Creations Cat Bridge will connect to other Catastrophic Creations furniture. All of our furniture is modular this way. If you have more questions or would like any guidance in figuring out what would work for you and your cat, please feel free to contact support any time! [email protected].

  3. Bonjour mon mur n’as pas de montant en bois . Il est en béton ; est -il possible d ‘installer vos meubles dur ce support . Et merci de m’indiquer une vidéo explicative sur le matériel adéquate cordialement

    1. Thank you for reaching out about this! All of our furniture can be safely installed into concrete; however, this will require additional hardware that we do not keep in stock and would not be able to provide you. For these walls, you’ll need to get a masonry bit and for screws, we recommend Tapcon. Here’s a link to buy the specific size we suggest:

      Also, here’s a video that the owners recommend based on their experience installing the furniture into concrete:

      I hope this information helps! Please let me know if you have any additional questions or concerns.

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